A rich and powerful Danish noble, Anacher, was made the "Great Forrester" by Charlemagne. Duty was guardian of the governmental lands and game animals. Forrester transformed to Forester and Foster. This particular family lineage comes from Ipswich, England

Susanna [Roberts] and Joseph Foster [1730-1807]

Susanna [1730-1800] from Billerica MA married Joseph about 1750 in Hardwick MA. Eight children, Eunice [1753], Susanna [1755-1819], John
[1757], Joseph Jr [1759-1839], Asa [1761] Peter [1764], Anna [1766] and Abigail [1768]

Experience [Gray] and John Foster [1757-1848]

Experience [1761-1826] was originally from Ware, Massachusetts. Married John 1781 in Barnard VT, Nine children, Abigail [1783] John Foster [1784-1834], Sarah [1787], Susannah [1790], Louisa [1792], Experience [1794] Anna [1798], Moses [1800] and Joel [1802]

Mahala [Richmond] and John Foster

Married 1809 in Bristol RI, Mahala [1783-1838] was daughter of Amasiah Richmond of Woodstock, Vermont, died in Wolfe Cress IA.
10 Children, Mahala [1810-1859], Minerva [1812-1906], Lionel [1813-1879], Lenora [1815-1893], Alonzo [1817-1890], Julia Ann, Charlotte, Maria, Emily, Angeline.

Caroline M. [Sampson] and Lionel Foster

Caroline [1814] was born in Canada although parents were from MA and NY. Lionel born in Vermont, went to Canada and there married Caroline. They had 5 children - Mary M. [1844], "M. A." [1846], Theophilus Gates [1848-1911], William P [1851], and (Caroline) Emma [1853]. They immigrated back to Wolfe Point Iowa in 1856, and in the 1860 census he declared a worth of $12,600. In May 1864 Lionel enlisted for the Union army and served a couple of months before the unit mustered out. Prior to 1870 census the family moved to Burlington IA ,perhaps this is where Lionel died in 1879, anyway his occupation was life insurance salesman. Theo was deputy clerk of the district court and Will was printer.
In 1900 census Will was in Burlington IA where he was bank cashier, a position he held for at least 40 years at the 1st National Bank of Iowa. He was unmarried and living with sisters Mary and Emma, who was now a drawing instructor. Later he married Julia about 1902 and had son William P.