Betsy [Blanding] and Alonzo Foster

Betsy [1814 -1896] from Silver Springs, New York, died in New London, Henry County, IA.
Betsy Blanding c1890
Alonzo was born in Barnard Township, Winsor County Vermont [1817-1890] in Kalamzoo for 1840 census, also died in New London IA.
Children born in Kalamazoo, Michigan, were -
  • Ozro Blanding Foster [1841-1933]
  • Aurilla M. [1844],
then in La Porte, Indiana, were -
  • Adelade Caroline [1847],
  • Orlando Horace [1849]
  • Eveline [1854-1855]
  • Marcia [1856].
Moved to La Porte IN in late 1844 and were counted there for the 1850 census. Moved to North Liberty, St Joseph County Indiana for 1860 census. Paid federal taxes in New London IA of $10 for owning a Stallion. The 1870 census has the family united at New London, Iowa, including -
Betsy 53 and Alonso 53 with Aurilla 26 and Marcia 14
Adelaide 28 and Ozro 29 with William H 3
(Mary) Elizabeth [Wright] 21 and Orlando H 21
and in Des Moines County IA we have -
Caroline 56 and Lionel 57 [brother of Alonzo], Mary M. 26, Theopolis H 22, William P 19, and Emma 17
By 1880 Orvilla [Aurilla] was still at home with Betsy and Alonzo but the rest of the family had moved on. In 1886 she finally married, to Eli W. Bradford [1837] in New London. Later Orvilla is living with OB in 1920 at Ansely NE and widowed. Judging from just these 2 photos, she favored the appearance of her mother.
Orvilla [Aurilla Foster] Bradford
In 1880 Marcia (or Marshe) was married Ludlow and widowed, living with Betsy and Alonzo with children
  • Ray Ludlow (1875) was still with Alonzo at New London for the 1885 census.
  • Nina Ludlow (1877)
Family tradition is Nina was raised in O. B.'s household and was with cousin Alonzo in 1900 census and later married Wilson Alfred Wentworth (1876-1941). The Wentworth families were in Ansley in 1900 moving to Oklahoma prior to 1905. Wilson was working in Lincoln in 1900 and 1901. Children-
  • Grace Mildred (1903)
  • Mary Alice (1905)
  • Olive Ray (1907)
  • Milton Frank (1909-1988)
  • Pauline Marie (1915)

Adelaide Victoria [Waxham] and Ozro Blanding Foster

Adelaide [1842-1909] married the returning Civil War veteran in 1866 and died in 1909. 7 children,
  • William Herbert Foster [1867 Iowa-1942 married Nancy Belle Hayse],
  • Gertrude Ann Brewer [1870 Iowa-1893 married Thomas Byron Brewer [1869 IA], childhood friend from Doniphan],
  • Ernest Alonzo Foster [1873 St Johns, Missouri-1967 married Clara Leota Welch],
  • Harry Albert Foster [1875-1876 Missouri],
  • Lillie May Foster [1877-1879 Iowa],
  • Ida Jane Porter [1880-1971 Doniphan, Nebraska married George E. Porter],
  • Cora Viola Dean [1884 Doniphan, Nebraska married George Leo Dean]
The complete story of Adelaide and Ozro Blanding Foster, from Kalamazoo to Broken Bow.
Adelaide Waxham

Mary Elizabeth [Wright] and Orlando Horace Foster

Mary [1848] born Iowa, father was from England, mother Illinois. 2 Daughters and son, all born in Iowa-
  • Bertha [1871]
  • Jesse [1877]
  • [Ross] Henry [1882]
1870 New London, Henry County, Iowa
1880 Elm Grove, Louisa County, Iowa
1885 New London, Henry County, Iowa
1900 Scoville, Hamilton County Nebraska
1910 Ansely, Custer County Nebraska
Some time after 1910 Orlando married Lucinda J. and they were in Ansley 1920/1930 census.

Kitty Belle [Varah] [1883-1973] and Ross Henry Foster

Kitty was probably born in Doniphan, parents Thomas and Erissa were from New York originally.
Ansley in 1910/20, Berwyn in 1930, children -
  • Mildred [1906]
  • Leonard M [1909],
  • Irma Elizabeth [1914] married Cleon Monroe Moody, the boy next door.
  • Lyle R [1920]

Clara Leota [Welch] and Ernest Alonzo Foster [1873-1967]

Leota [1874 Iowa-1941] daughter of Otis S. and Leota C [Kerington] Welch, married Lon in April 1896. Uncle "Lon" seems to have switched his first and middle names some time after 1880, buried at Ansley NE, with other Foster clan. Leota seems to have done the same. In the 1900 census there was a cousin living with them in Ansley, Nina E. Ludlow [1877]. 4 Children -
  • Doris M [1902 married Glen Glover],
  • Doane C [1902-1963]
  • Irene G. [1911 married Randolf Sand], Broken Bow High School classmate of Marge [Dean] Rockwell
  • Ernest A [1913].
I have a picture postcard addressed to Mrs E. A Foster from sister Grace writing to her in Berwyn NE. Pictured is a todler Iris and mentions a Frank that is in kindergarden. The news was the horses had recovered from disentary flu. Postmark was April 11, 1911 in Nebraska. See footnote.

Ida Jane [Foster] and George E. Porter [1871-1930]

Ida Jane born in Doniphan NE and graduated high school in Ansely and Normal School in Broken Bow. Taught at Enid OK and Ansely and then married George in 1906 who lived at Broken Bow with 5 stepchildren. Previous wife was May, born 1874 Iowa, parents Pennsylvania, they were living in Harrison NE in 1900. He was the Custer County Registrar of Deeds when he died by suicide in 1930 and Ida took over and held the position for another 25 years as an elected position. In 1910 - 1920 George's mother Martha S. [1848] lived in the home, she was from Conneticut as was his dad, Judson C. Porter [1847]. Judsen was an enumerator in the 1880 Census!
They had 6 children -
  • one boy died in a mishap with horse.
  • Adelade E. [1909] (married Edward Betz, Stockton CA),
  • Julia [1912] (married Irwin Peterson, Grand Island NE)
  • George J. Porter [1913] (Atascadero CA),(married Esther Peterson)
  • Ramona [1916](married William Patacek, Scottsbluff NE)
  • Alfred Porter [1918](San Anselmo CA),
The step children were all born Nebraska
  • Stella [1890] was also book-keeper at Registrar of Deeds.
  • Dwight I [1892] along with Harry were salesmen for drygoods in 1910.
  • Harry (or Harvey) [1893] (Norfolk NE)
  • Doras E. [1895] (married Rupert)
  • Helen I [1901] (married Charles L. Williams),
  • Roxie Coale (married Frank Pennington, Houston TX) (possibly this is Stella because no Roxie is ever in the census)
Ida is especially important because she wrote a living biography on O. B. and also did a family genealogy in 1930. After the passing of Adelaide Foster, Ida and Cora took care of O. B. at Broken Bow NE.

Nancy Bell [Hayse] and William H. Foster

Nancy [1878-1971] daughter Mary Elizabeth [Orwick] and John G Hayse of Hancock County, Ohio. Attended school and graduated Grand Island [NE] Normal School, and along with sister Alice, taught in Hall County. Married William in May 1900 and lived at Doniphan. Buried just two days after Ida Porter. They had 6 children including
  • Earl V. [1903-1985]
  • Charlie H. [1905-1983] lived in Doniphan, married Mary Goldenstein [1904-1992]
  • Anna Fay [1907-1993] married W. Frank Bowden [1892-1954]
  • Wayne S [1909-1978] lived in Doniphan
  • Cecil B [1913-1916]
  • Carl W. [1915-1998] moved to Mt Vernon WA, married Ruth Bradley, two sons. He served in the Navy during WWII and later was a medical and x-ray technician.

Lavina C. [1904-2001] and Doane C Foster

In the 1930 census for Broken Bow NE, children -

Esther [Peterson] and George Judson Porter [1913-1999]

Esther [1910 - 2004] married George in 1938 in Broken Bow. He was reporter for the Custer County Chief newspaper, and in 1949 became co-owner of the Atascadero [CA] News where he retired. Children families are
  • Christie and Jud Porter;
  • Shirley and Jim Porter;
  • Cathy and Jack Porter.

Mary [Goldenstein] and Charlie Foster [1905-1983]

Born in Doniphan, Charlie married in August 1928. He was an atheletic coach for high school in Clay Center and Ansely, and in 1945 became football headcoach and atheletic director for Kearney State College where he retired in 1971. Daughter Arlene Moore living in Germany.

A photo album was purchased at a yard sale in Sacramento CA by Barbara Smith. In it were newspaper clippings of O. B. Foster's Civil War reunion trip to Indiana, the obit for Mary Wright (wife of Orlando Foster), and the postcard to Leota. With this information she was able to contact me by email and later deposited the items with my mom, who also lives in Sacramento. The pictures are not identified, but were taken in studios in Vermont, Atlantic IA, and Broken Bow NE. The Vermont pictures must be Leota's dad and another sister, Ellen.