Foster Family, from Ipswich England

Cuthbert Foster

Abigail Wimes[1573-c1638] and Thomas Foster [1566-1638] both of Ipswich

Elizabeth Whitmore [1618-c1694] and Thomas Foster [1600 - 1682]

Thomas immigrated from Ipswich on the good ship Hercules in 1634 and settled in Billerica MA. Elizabeth was from Norfolk MA

Sarah Parker [1640-1718] and Thomas Foster [1640-1679]

Abigail Kimball [1677-1759] and Jonathan Foster [1671-1755]

Eunice Hardy [1701] and John Foster [1708-1745]

Susannah Roberts [1730-1800] and Joseph Foster [1730-1807]

Experience Gray [1761-1826] and John Foster [1757-1848]