Elizabeth Frey [1829] and John Guldner [1826]

Both from Germany, Elizabeth from Hessen Darmstadt and John was born in Bavaria, lived in Davenport IA where John was a grocer in 1860.
1870 census for Davenport Iowa
Elizbeth 41 and John Guldner 46
George 18 born Pennsylvania
Nicolaus 16 "
Philipp 14 "
Ben 11 born Iowa
William 9 "
Gustave 7 "
Edward 5 "
Edward's older brothers George [married Anna], Nicolaus [married Mary A.], Ben [married Henrietta], William [married Josephine] and Gustave G [1863] are all in Rice County Kansas in 1900 and father John has married again to a young Freiderika. They crossed paths with George Simonson, who was in Rice County in 1880. There were several Swisher families in Rice County, but I doubt if any are related to Wilbur.

Augusta [1868] and Edward Guldner [1866]

Augusta came from Vinton Iowa, her parents from Germany, married 1891, children-

Polly Mary [Bradford] and John Simonson [1774-1841]

Polly [1776-1856] was daughter of Prudence Glover [1742] and Henry S. Bradford [1736-1815]. John's father was John P. Simonson. Married 1790 with 11 children.

Sarah P [Stephens] and Garret J. Simonson [1794]

Sarah [1796-1855] and Garret both born in New York. married 1820, show in 1830 census for Roxbury NY.

Catherine and John B. Simonson

Catherine [1838] and John B Simonson [1834], both born in Michigan, children-

Jannie M. and George G. Simonson

Jannie [1860] born in Michigan, parents from Ohio and Pennsylvania. George [1855] was a blacksmith. Children all born in Kansas-

Carey A [Miller] and Alvin Edwin Simonson [1881- 1969]

Farm and oil production leases at Kismet Kansas. "Carrie" [1882- 1972] born in Missouri and parents were Bell [1862] and John Miller [1849]. Alvin was born in Kansas. Married 1901, nine children, oldest was Josie-
From the 1920/30 census of Kismet/Seward County KS was Alvin's nephew.
Charley J [1880] and wife Daisy R. [1882]
Lavina E. [1904]
Leroy M. [1906]
Mary M. [1909]
Esther A. [1910]
Leon L [1914]
Bernard Jason [1916]
George G. [1855] father, from Michigan (and Alvin's brother).

Josephine Doris [Simonson] and Edwin J. Guldner [1895-1976]

Josie married Ed in 1918 at Kismet Kansas. Besides Kansas they also were in Colorado and New Mexico. Both buried at Kismet KS.
5 children
Claude officiated the wedding of Willy and Larry Dean in Denver CO where he was on staff at Ilif School of Theology. He is well known in Canada for his writings on Christian sexuality issues and therapy.



Sarah and Samuel Swisher

There were a number of Swisher families in Ohio in 1850 but looking for one with a 2 year old James with parents born in Virginia gives this possibility. Cheshire, Gallia County Ohio-
Sarah A. [36] and Samuel [37] Swisher
George W. [12] born VA
Sarah J. [10] born VA
Margreth [8] born Ohio
Isaiah [6]
James [2]
- additional children in the 1860 census
[Samuel] Alamo [11]
Augustus [5]
[John] Charles [4]
Alice [0.5]
By 1870 the family group moved to Pettis County Missouri
Sarah [50] and Samuel [57]
George [32]
Samuel [17] apparently the new name for Alamo
Charles [13]
Alice [10]
and Francis [8]
Isaiah was also in Pettis County, married to Sarah and son Benjamin.

Missouri L. [Baker] and James M. Swisher [1848]

Missouri [1848] was born in Missouri, to parents Elenor Graves [Daniel] and John J. Baker, originally from Tennessee.

The Baker family, 1850 Henry County Missouri-
John [39] and Ellen [40]
Polly A. [18] born in Tennessee
Parle E. [16]
William O. [16]
Louisa [12] first to be born in Missouri
Christopher A. [10]
Cynthia J. [8]
Nancy F. [6]
Sarah N. [5]
Neomit E. [4] not certain of spelling could be Naomi
John J. [3]
Missouri L. [2]
Daniel C. [1]
The 1870 census had Missouri and James in Cole Camp, Benton County MO, just after oldest son Ulissies S [1869] was born. Then 6 years later William W. [1876] was born, but by 1880 both children were being raised by grandparents Ellen and John Baker also living with daughter Parle E Baker in Henry County, Missouri. Ulissies was listed as "crippled" in the 1880 census and a farm worker although only age 12. Later, Ulisses is taken in by uncle John Charles Swisher for 1900 Pettis County census, and then a Swisher cousin according to the 1920/1930 census.
James Swisher was also enumerated in Henry County MO in 1880, where he shows status as widowed. He was living at an upscale boarding house, his occupation listed as livery and his fellow boarders were photographer, merchant and doctor. He married again in 1881 to Mary A [1857] and they had 9 children, five living in 1900
  • Ancil C 17
  • Lucille L. 15
  • Burt L. 13
  • Lera B. 13
  • Mary M. 10
And in 1910 they have moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado and living with a granddaughter Geraldine Lawrence [1905], and next door to son Burt L, with his wife Myrna A. [1888] and granddaughter Mildred A. [1910]

Florence Edith [White] and William W. Swisher

By 1900, William [1876] had moved out of his grandparents home, and was boarding in the home of Mary E and Van B Hall, in Henry County, MO. His census reports show he has some confusion as to where his parents were born. Eventually he settles on Ohio for his dad and Tennessee for his mom but I think he has that confused with his grandparents Baker that raised him.
Florence [1878-1958] was born in Rock Creek, Butler, Kansas and had been married previously at age 17 [see 1910 census] , her parents were Sarah E. Higbie [1844] and John W. White [1841].
Her previous husband was George Lee Stoneking [1877 -1939], living in Henry County MO, with a niece Verna M Stoneking at the residence in 1900. Florence had 2 children but neither survived for the 1900 census. The Stoneking parents were Hester [1835] and Elijah [1830] who had a family of at least 11 children. George married again to Sarah Elizabeth Phelps [1891 - 1956] with four children.
William Swisher took in the step family of 4 (Harley, Cecil, Emil, Herold) sons and 1 daughter (Hazel) in February 1909. They had their own daughter, Florence W. Swisher born 1910 in Henry County Missouri.
In 1920 they had travelled to Spokane Washington. The older Stoneking boys had seperated apparently, Harley was boarding in Malden Washington, Cecil boarding in Post Oak, Missouri, and Emil boarding in Henry County, Missouri.
Florence and William Swisher
Herold Stoneking [14] stepson
Hazel Stoneking [12] stepdaughter
Wilma Swisher [10], this must be Florence W using middle name, born Missouri
Wilber [5] "Wilbur" born in Montana
Hershil [2.5] born in Washington.
The Swisher family as shown in the 1930 Census for Payne County, Oklahoma
Florence E. [1885] and William W. [1874]
Florence [1910] married Beal, but living at home
Willber W. [1915] "Wilbur" shown as Washington but probably Helena, Montana
Charles H. [1918] born in Spokane, Washington, this must be Hershil using middle name.
Morris Denver [1920] born in Wyoming (!)
Wanda [1923] born in Missouri
Morris lived in Denver CO and died in 2003. He enlisted from Oklahoma in the Navy as machinist mate in 1942, later was captured by the Japanese in the Philippines and sent to the Osaka camp. His mother was living in Tryon Oklahoma on his release in October 1945.
Hershil was married to Kate with 4 boys, living in Denver then moving to Texas.
Wanda may have moved to N. Richland Hills TX.

Aileen Lois [Guldner] and Wilbur W. Swisher [1914-1973]

Parents of Diana Lynn [1947 - adopted], Georgiana [1949-1949], Wileen Gay [1950] and John Wesley Swisher [1952], living mostly in Syracuse Kansas.

Wilbur spent the war years working in the shipdocks on the west coast. He was unfit for military duty as he had lost a hand hunting for rabbits in Oklahoma in the 30s. Accidents like that were common in farm country, and he later worked both the farm and for the highway department as a truck/snow plow driver.

Wilbur and Aileen - 1970

Youngest, John was married twice second was to Irla's daughter Janice. Georgiana died just after birth. Diana's father was Eugene Kenneth Evans, but she was raised by Wilbur.