Here is the copy of the 1910 census, hard to read. Surname Stoneking is what shows in 1920 censes. Here is what I can get.

55. William W. Swisher, Head 31, born Missouri
56. Florence Swisher, Wife 30, born Kansas
57. Harley Stoneking, step son, 8 born Missouri
58. Enis Stoneking, step son 7 born Missouri
59. Emil Stoneking, step son 6 born Missouri
60. George H Stoneking, step son 4, born Missouri [shown as Harold in 1920, must be middle name]
61. Hazel E. Stoneking, step daughter 2, born Missouri
62. Florence W. Swisher, daughter 2 months, born in Missouri

William and Florence both seemed to be a little shy on the reported age.