By the time of the 1930 census, the John Walter clan had quite a dynasty centered in Chambers Nebraska. Birth years are approximate as age is what was actually recorded in the census.

Mary [1870] and John Walter [1867] in Holt County


3 Younger brothers in Holt County=

George Walter [1875]
William A Walter [1884]
Alfred Walter [1886]

1 Older step-brother in Nebraska=

Catherine [1867-1950] and August Walter [1863] in Antelope County

1 Younger brother in Nebraska=

Nora [1892] and Otto Walter [1888] in Stanton County
Wayne [1916]
Leroy [1918]
Vernon [1922]
Thelma [1924]
Kenneth [1927]

1 Step-sister in Holt County

Dora [1859] and John J. Harley [1864]
Casper W H [1889] also in Holt County
Magdelena M R [1891] unknown
John J J [1895] also in Holt County
Alma K D [1905] and Reinhold Knutzen, also in Holt County

1 Sister in Holt County

Regina C. [1877] and Peter J. Brown [1878]
Henry W. [1915]
Gordon A. [1918]


2 Sons

Ruth L [1899] and Alfred A Walter [1899] in Holt County
Lorine M. [1921]
Clara M. [1925]
Raymond J.[1923]
Gertrude A [1904] and Henry C. Walter [1902] in Holt County
Children born after 1930 - Marilyn Louise, Dwayne Henry and Roger Dean Walter.

4 Daughters in Nebraska

Rena [1892] and Ernst Feyerherm [1876] in Antelope County
Agnes [1914]
Mabel [1919]
Clara [1891] and William Sprandel [1884] in Gage County
Clarence [1913]
Gustave [1915]
Martin [1916]
Louis [1920]
Alvina [1892] and Chris J. Haussler [1893] in Furnas County
Hugh G. [1917]
Margaret M. [1922]
Kathryn C. [1923]
Wilma P. [1924]
Leona J. [1926]
Julia C. [1927]
Helen R. [1929]
Mabel C. [1901] and C. Van Robertson [1899] in Holt County
C. Elwyn [1924]
Delbert I. [1926]

John Walter Family Portrait

Rena Feyerherm, Clara Sprandel, Alvina Haussler, John Walter, Alfred Walter, Mabel Robertson and Henry Walter
All 6 children of John Walter, inset is Mary Spuhler, his wife.


In all, there were 60 people in Holt County with the Walter surname, including a second Mary and John Walter family! The additional seem to be family to Mary [1857] and Martin Walter [1844] an unrelated patriarch.

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