Mary [Walter] and Bernard Luttman [1868-1950]

Within a year of immigrating from Canada with her parents Christina [Walter] and Jacob Walter, Maria [1882-1941] found her love and married at age 18 to Barnhardt Luttmann in Chambers NE. Both were of German stock and used the American form of thier names after moving to Minnesota where Bernard was a minister. Both died at Crow Wing MN. Together they raised a large family of 11 children.

Emma Lydia [Luttmann] and Donald Herbert Werner [1906-1981]

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Francis [Kowalski] [1860-1942] and Frank Marketon [1859]

Agnes [Baldy] [1909-1995] and Thomas Edmond Marketon [1902-1982]

Jolene Ruth [Werner] [1946] and Arthur Thomas Marketon [1935]

Anne Jolene [Marketon] and Jason Danial Uecker [1976]
Patricia Ann Poulin and David Douglas Marketon

Amelia F.[Fuhrmann] [1862-1941] and John Werner [1857-1924]

Amelia immigrated from Germany in 1882, children all born in Minnesota. John immigrated from Germany in 1873.