The Royal Community Program held over radio station WJAG Thursday at 4 p.m. was
prepared by Mrs. F. H. Francisco and announced by W. E. Davis. The community talk was given by Mrs. Francisco. The program opened in truly chain broadcast style with a fanfare of trumpets. The entire program was well prepared and had been well rehearsed and , in radio parlance, "it clicked" from start to finish. Many listeners were favorably surprised to hear
that the program was furnished by talent from a village of only 200 inhabitants .
Telephone and telegraphic response came from Brunswick, Clearwater, Neligh, Orchard, Petersburg, Newport , Royal and Norfolk. There was one group of one hundred listeners
to the program at Brunswick and several large groups listening-in at Royal.

The Royal Band of twenty-one pieces , and its members , furnished many of the musical selections. Miss Zeida Webster , a junior in the Royal high school, a winner of first place in the dramatic contest , gave a reading "Your Town and You." Two numbers were presented by a vocal octet , called the Royal Eight. Members of the group were Mesdames Otis Shupe, Alfred Rasmussen, Clifford Rundquist , Miss Emma Woodard and Messrs. Otis Shupe, Fred Storm, Clifford Rundquist and Lyie Ritey, with Mrs. R. E. Trautman at the piano. Musical readings were presented by Ramona Watson, a high school freshman, with Mrs. Alfred Rasmussen at the piano.

Mrs. R. J. Hering, dramatic teacher and press correspondent from Royal for The Norfolk
Daily News, gave a musical reading, accompanied by Mrs. Alfred Rasmussen at the piano. Piano solos were presented by Gordon Shupe , age 15 , a junior in high school. A trumpet solo by L. H. Sawyer followed , with Mrs. R. E. Trautman at the piano. Vocal duets were presented by Lyie Riley and his old pal , A. F. Sparks, commonly known as "Slip," Clyde O'Fallon, age 11; and his brother Bobbie, age 9, were accompanied on the guitar by their father, William O'Fallon.

Phil Buxton entertained with old-time fiddling. Bob Hering and his Sardines , a dance orchestra , played several numbers. The dance orchestra members were Bob Hering , Joe Hering , Floyd Chart , Roy Briggs , and Neal Dark . The members of the
Royal Band were ; Gordon Shupe , Lyie Riley , Wilson Curtis , Roy Briggs ,
Fremont Curtis , Helen Hering , Dale Sparks , Joe Hering , Allie Dark , Neal Dark, Alonzo Sawyer , Prof. Wilson , C. E. Rundquist , Clarence Thompson , Glenn Rundquist , Ethabelle Burch , Vivian Dikeman , Ramona Watson , and Mabel Feyerherm . The Royal Band was led by L . H . Sawyer .



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