Mary [Knicely] and John Dean Sr [about 1755-1815]

Mary wed John in Rochingham County Virginia in 1787 after he had immigrated from England in 1774. They settled in Pendleton County (West) Virginia in 1798 and were parents to a group of 15 children -
John Dean Jr [1788], Daniel Dean [1789-1866], Nancy Dean [1790], George B. Dean [1791], Rebecca Dean [1794], William Martin Dean Sr [1795], Sarah Dean [1797], Jacob D. Dean [1798], Elizabeth Dean [1800], Charles Dean [1801],Samuel and Hannah Dean [twin 1804], James Elias Dean [unk], Barbara Dean [1810] and Ferdinand Lair Dean [1811]. Daniel and Jacob both moved to Des Moines County Iowa.
John Dean was a rather common name in England in the mid-1700s so it is unlikely that his pedigree can be traced with certainty. One researcher has John born in Deer Island, New Brunswick, Canada. And places Mary as his third (of four) wife.

Judith [Cox] [1797] and Jacob D. Dean

Married in 1819 and moved to Des Moines County Iowa in 1844. Children -

Mary and Daniel Dean

Mary [1789-] was born in Virginia and moved with Daniel to Des Moines County Iowa in 1844 where he died in 1866. Their children were Elizabeth Betta Dean, John J. Dean [1809], Silas Dean [1814-1874], Mary Ann Dean [1818-1889], Hannah Dean, and Lare Dean [1821- 1893] Lare, while the youngest must have been well respeced among the siblings as both Silas and Mary Ann named children for him.

Mary Ann [Dean] and Jonathan Friend.

Mary Ann married Jonathan Friend in Virginia, and had a boy Amer in VA, two girls Elizbeth and Edney in Illinois, and two boys Silas and Lare Dean Friend [1856] in Iowa. They were in Missouri for the 1880 census about the same time as Lare but not the same county.

Antinet Frances [Tinney] and Silas Dean

Antinet [spelled numerous ways in census and other documents] was born in 1817 and married Silas in 1838 in Pendleton County (West) VA. Her parents were James Tinney Jr. and Abigail Packard. Moved in 1844 to Des Moines County IA.
1856 IA state census for Des Moines IA
Silas 42 and Antenett 38 Dean, both born Virginia
Perry 17, Daniel 15, and Lare 13, all born VA
James 11, Catherine 5, Lydia 3 and Sarah 1, all born IA
Daniel 67 and Mary 67 Dean, both born Virginia
Lare 32 and Sarah 33, both born VA, moved IA
Elizabeth 11, Albert 9, Mary 7, Hannah 4, and Marget 0 all born IA
Jonathan Friend 38 and Mary Ann 36 both born VA move IA in 1850
Amer 14, born VA
Elizabeth 11, Edney 9 born IL
Silas 5, Lare 0 born IA
Widowed head of household in 1880 census [Silas died in 1874] and living in Memphis MO with two daughters, Harriet [1857 Iowa] and Carrie [1866 MO]. And next door to a Hulinda [30] and Perry Dean [40] daughter Nellie [8]. Perry and Daniel both served in the Missouri 21st Infantry Regiment Company I. Silas' son Lare left Memphis and moved to Smith County Kansas, after the Civil War. Antinet stayed in Memphis and died in 1902.